Monday, January 27, 2014

Moving on in 2014

Any questions just ask - it's a bit crazy to list this many dolls at once and I'm sure I've forgotten details. I've probably forgotten dolls too...My email is

oh taking a deep breath as it all seems quite final as I type this out (although I'm aware that not everyone will find a new home!)

Here's the list of what I have available. I have not had time yet to take photos of everyone so I've included their names after the title so that you can find their flickr sets. I'll try to add links and photos in over the next couple of days. A few of them have very minimal photos as I haven't had them that long. If you wish to see more photos just email me and I'm happy to take more for you.

If you are interested in adopting anyone, I'm happy to take a short layaway - non refundable deposit of $80 and we need to agree on a payment schedule up front.

I will have extra bits and pieces that I can include and will have some outfits, toys, furniture to list over the next few days.

I prefer to post via EMS, it gives everyone security with tracking and insurance. it can be expensive to ship from NZ. If you have a friend who also wants to buy a doll, I'm happy to combine shipping as long as you take responsibility once it reaches its initial overseas destination.

Fairyland Realpuki Soso (NS) $290 (Thistle) on layaway
Fullset except for the wig which was too big for Soso so I didn't keep it.
Includes: OE and sleeping plates both with default FL faceup
Fullset leggings, cape and staff (never removed from package) Leaf boots and extra hands
I'm also including some extra bits and pieces of clothing (will add more if I find any)

Luts Tiny Delf Alice (NS) $200 (Sadie) or $175 without wig and clothing
basic edition tiny Delf - quite possibly the cutest 16cm body ever.  If you pay the full price ($200) l will include the grey floral dress and tights, RRG pink ballet shoes and her limited grey Leeke wig.
Lati Yellow Miel (Aladdin edition) $310 (Jubilee) Sold
Light tan, includes extra hands etc as sent by lati
Her eyes have been changed to the eyes that came with Aladdin cookie - they're blue oval glass

Lati Yellow Miel (Sheep) $450 (Farley) (possibly on hold - to be confirmed)
Complete fullset (- eyes) so originally cost more than this from lati.
Includes human legs, extra hands, sheep parts, staff, full set outfit, full set wig and a special hand made hard cap grey mohair wig which I have yet to photograph
Does not include original eyes - she is currently wearing grey Mako eyes I think which will be included

Lati Yellow Cookie (Unicorn edition) $360 (Marzipan)
Comes with human legs, Unicorn legs, Unicorn horn and blue glass eyes
For the full $360 price I will also include the extra torso and wing set.  The torso magnets/grooves in the back for attaching unicorn wings.  This is a type 1 torso so will work on all type 1 latis.  I don't know if you can hybrid type 1 body with type 2 limbs.  The resin is the same as all my 2008-2011 latis. The wings are beautiful aqua blue and I believe came from the Prayer of Angels release.

If you don't want the wings/torso the price is $320.  I will sell the wings/torso separately for $65

I can include her pink/gold FMD wig for an additional $15.  It is brand new and has only been worn a couple of times by her.

Lati Yellow Hong Kong Elf Cookie $440 (Cinnamon) on layaway
Very rare - was only available for one day from lati in 2008
Beautiful subtle faceup. There are two small patches in the rim of her lower eyelids, where it looks as if the faceup artist missed some paint. not so noticeable in pictures. I will include the pixie cut dark brown FMD wig as it frames her face and those banana ears so perfectly.  I also have a short Luts wig that I can include with her if you wish.
Will include blue glass eyes

Fairyland Pukifee PongPong $380 (Cotton Candy and Fairy Floss)on layaway
Custom faceup by Jointed Love (Xhanthi) - matching faceups down to the last freckle - super cute!
Will travel with pink/cream FMD plaits wig, 2 x Jadeness outfits, shoes and socks
Note: only includes one pukifee body not two (body is a full pongpong body with blushed headback)

Saintbloom Charlotte $270 (hester)
Tan skin charlotte. Will travel with pink cocktail leeke wig and her default acrylic eyes she came with.
I can also include the 10mm blue hazel HCG eyes that I bought for her for an extra $20, I'll include a chocolate corduroy skirt that fits her too.  I also have a dress part finished for her that I'll finish and include. 

Fairyland Littlefee Ante (human) faceplates $150 (Elodie) Sold
Matchng open eyed and sleeping Ante faceplates in NS. Soooo pretty - quite blushy cheeks
Am including the purple glass eyes I bought for her as they suit her FP so well
I don't want to split the faceplates at this stage as they are the perfect match.

Pocket Fairy Sugar choice Kitty $220 (Mitten) Sold and shipped
NS super sweet Kitty (who may yet stay as I really love her!)
Includes her default acrylic eyes, fairyland ballerina wig, dress (made by me).  She wears pukifee/lati  shoes and can wear some pukifee/lati dresses as tops, pukifee leggings, middie blythe, nikki and odeco clothing

Alchemic Labo Chibi Unoa Roron $850
This is considerably less than what I paid for her. I am happy to take a long layaway on this girl. I also have some shoes, wigs etc (and probably clothing if she sticks around long enough) that I can list separately if you are interested.
Custom faceups by running over sun aesthetics
Comes with default face plate and pout faceplate. Default faceplate includes 3 teeth pieces (all painted), eye mechanistm and default eyes.  Will ship in her original Unoa box. I need to take more pictures of this cutie - particularly of the default plate. I will include the Luts brown mohair wig (on the pout faceplate currently) because it suits her so well. 

I am willing to sell the default Roron plate separately for $160

I also have a vague feeler on my Alchemic Labo Unoa Sist who has a
faceup by Andreja.  Price $180